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Adams County 4-H Livestock Auction

The 4-H Auction is the culmination of a year of hard work and dedication for more than 250 4-H animal exhibitors in Adams County. Through these projects, 4-Hers learn a number of valuable life skills and lessons.

This is the final step for their project where they learn about marketing aspects.

Join us for the 2022 Adams County 4-H Livestock Auction to support some of the great youth involved in our program. 


2022 Adams County 4-H Livestock Auction Order

The Livestock Auction will start promptly at 4PM and continue through the following order:

1. Poultry  

2. Dairy Showmanship

3.  Beef

4.  Starter Calf

5.  Rabbits

6.  Sheep

7.  Swine

8.  Goats

Actual Auction Programs will be available here day of auction. In addition, the Auction Program can be Found here or emailed to you by simply contact Amy Rumschlag at to let her know you would like to be added to the email list when the Auction Program becomes available. Hard copies will also be available when checking in at the Livestock Show Arena for the Livestock Auction.


Auction Day Registration

Buyers may register at the 4-H Livestock Show Arena at the Adams County 4-H Fairgrounds starting at 3PM on July 21. When registering, you will receive your bid paddle.  As a small token of appreciation, the Adams County 4-H Executive Livestock Committee will provide a hospitality area for auction supporters.  Complimentary boxed meal will be available from 3-6:30PM. 


Premium Auction

The 2022 Adams County 4-H Livestock Auction will be a Premium Auction which means animals will be sold by the head and not per pound.


Add-On Support

In addition, you may opt to just add a set dollar amount for a specific 4-Hers animal. This can be accomplished by completing the Buyer Support Form or contacting the Extension Office prior to the Livestock Auction as well as done at the registration trailer on Auction day. 


Payment After the Sale

All buyers are asked to settle up at the conclusion of the Livestock Auction. For those businesses needing to send bills to Corporate, invoices will be ready upon check out on Auction night and it is requested that all accounts be settled one week after receiving your bill in order for the 4-Hers to receive their checks promptly.


Please make checks payable to the Adams County 4-H.

For More Information, Contact…

Purdue Extension—Adams County

313 W Jefferson Street, Suite 213

Decatur, IN 46733

Phone: 260-724-5322

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2022 Livestock Auction Program


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