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2021 Vigo County Posts


December 4-H Newsletter

Check out our Vigo County 4-H December Newsletter!


Vigo County 4-H Scholarships

4-H Scholarship Information for the 2022 year, most are due in January!

November Extension Homemakers Newsletter

See the most current information on the Vigo County Extension Homemakers.

4-H Newsletter-November 2021

It's a new year for 4-H! Make sure you enroll today at! Check out our November Newsletter for everything you need to know,...


2021-2022 Minecraft 4-H Spark Club Meeting Dates

Like Minecraft? Join the 4-H Minecraft Spark Club! 1. To Join Sign up for 4-H at and join the SPARK Club - Vigo County 2. Email...

4-H Open Enrollment

Enrollment is now open for the 2021-2022 year! Sign up today!

4-H Beginner's Guide

New to 4-H? Check out our 4-H Beginner's Guide to Vigo County 4-H! You've got questions and we have answers!


2021 Vigo County 4-H Fair Results

TERRE HAUTE, Indiana – Vigo County 4-H held both in-person events along with virtual entries for exhibition for its members in July....


4-H Livestock Auction

See the link below for information about the Vigo County 4-H Livestock Auction.

4-H Newsletter

The latest 4-H newsletters are included in the related files content below.

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

All beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, meat goats, dairy goats, poultry, and/or rabbits, 4-H members MUSTbe certified through the educational...


2021 4-H Vigo County Fair Book!

Vigo County 4-H Fair Book includes terms and condition for projects, fair schedule, and other helpful information.


Vigo County 4-H Clubs and Leaders

See which club and leader is the right fit for you.

Beginner's Guide to 4-H

There's a lot of details that might confuse a new 4-H family. This resource can help to answer some of your questions! Please contact the...

Vigo County 4-H Dog

Vigo County 4-H Dog Project website:

Vigo County 4-H Cat Project

See below for information about Vigo County 4-H Cat Project

Vigo County 4-H Beef

To sign up for a Premise ID: 2021 Beef Tag Day is January 30th with a snow day of February 27th from...

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