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Volunteer Resource Guide

THANK YOU for being a volunteer with the Vanderburgh County 4-H program! Find resources below to help you be successful in your role.

Positive Youth Development

Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development

Experiential Learning

How Youth Develop: Ages and Stages

Learn By Doing

Life Skill Development

Meeting the Needs of Youth

Team Building

4-H Recreation Ideas

Group Building for 4-H Clubs

Recreation and Team Building

Running a Successful Club Meeting

4-H Club Meeting Checklist

Community Service Ideas

Creating Productive Club Meetings

Officer Training Resources

Parliamentary Procedure Fact Sheet

Parliamentary Procedure: Make a Pizza Parli Pro Style! Download instructions and recipe below. 

Review of a Successful Club

Welcoming New Members - Tips, Welcoming New Families

Working Effectively with Parents

Program Ideas

Leadership & Citizenship

10 Minute Leadership Lessons

4-H Scholarships: Download a narrated powerpoint below. 

Bullying Lesson Plan

Diversity Lessons

Etiquette: Table Etiquette, Table Setting, Table Manners

Take 10 for Leadership


Animal Science

Animal Science Anywhere Lesson Plans

Apps to use with 4-H members: Download below. 


Binary Bracelets: Download below. 

Climate In Your Backyard

Dissolving Pumpkin Lesson: Download below. 

Elephant Toothpaste in a Pumpkin: Download below. 

Food Science Packet Including DIY Lava Lamp, Tie Dye Milk, Rubber Egg, and more

Flight Series

How Do You Make A Tornado?

Lava Lamp Lesson Plan: Download Below. 

Let's Make A Cloud

Lightning In Your Mouth

National Youth Science Day Experiments (contact office for supplies)

Plant Science


Science Made Easy

The Dirt on Clean Water

Healthy Living

Bullying: Walking In Someone Else's Shoes

Does Eating Healthy Cost More?

Fair Food


Healthy Activities with Snack Ideas

Healthy Living in 4-H Service Learning Projects

Protect Your Noggin

Strong Bones

Sugar Shockers Guide

Sun Safety

Taste Exploration

What Am I?

What's In Your Drink?

Troubleshooting/Helpful Hints

4-H Fundraising Guide

Conquering Fears on Public Speaking

Guidelines for using the 4-H name and emblem

Troubleshooting Club Problems


Recreation Packet

Tips for Tech

Candy Pizza

Dissolving Pumpkins

Parli Pizza

Binary Bracelet

Elephant Toothpaste

Valentine Lava Lamp

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