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Want to know more about 4-H? Check out the 4-H Family Guide!

Whether you are new to 4-H or a tenured member, we understand that it may feel like there is a lot to learn! Don't stress; 4-H is fun and we are here to make it easy for you. The Rush County 4-H Family Guide contains lots of useful information to help guide you as you get involved in 4-H programming. This booklet is designed with YOU in mind to help you learn more about 4-H, what we do, and who we are. Regardless of whether you live on a farm or in a town, have one hobby or many, like doing things by yourself or with others, 4-H has something to offer and we are excited that you are interested. As always, you can reach us by phone at 765-932-5974 or email us at with any 4-H comments or questions.


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