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Winter Houseplants

Have you ever tried to grow houseplants over the winter only to be disappointed when your plants decline and slowly die? The problem may not be you. Many plants are not suited to the dry conditions and poor lighting found in most homes. However, there are plants which can thrive in the home during winter. They include:

  • Jade plant (crassula ovata): Small, fleshy dark green leaves on a bonsai-like plant.
  • Snake plant (sansevieria): Upright flat 2-inch wide dark green leaves.
  • Z Z plant (zamioculcas): leathery dark green leaves on arching stems.
  • Chinese evergreen (aglaonema): Green leaves with silvery patterns, elliptical shape.
  • Pothos (epipremnum): vining plant with green and yellow heart-shaped leaves.

As stated above, these plants can live in low lighting and the dryness of a winter home. One word of caution: these plants do not like to be overwatered. In fact, over-watering is the number one cause of houseplant failure. So, remember to water them only when the soil is very dry.

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