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Farm Women are Decision Makers - Annie's Project Workshops

Farm Women are Decision Makers – Annie’s Project Prepares Them Well

 Farm women are generating a cultural tide in American agriculture that is moving management, assets and opportunities to a new wave of farmers across the country. At Annie’s Project courses, women in agriculture become empowered to be successful through education, networks, and resources. 

 Annie’s Project is a six-session course that is a discussion-based workshop bringing women together to learn from experts in production, financial management, human resources, marketing and the legal field. There's plenty of time for questions, sharing, reacting and connecting with presenters and fellow participants. It's a relaxed, fun and dynamic way to learn, grow and meet other farm women.

 Whether new or experienced, understanding the five areas of agricultural risk, knowing how to analyze agricultural spreadsheets and other necessary skills are vital.  Learning them in a friendly environment where questions and discussion are welcomed, allow the learning process to flourish.

 Annie’s Project courses have successfully reached more than 15,000 farm and ranch women in 33 states.  Purdue Extension Educators across Indiana are partnering to offer the course virtually via zoom starting Tuesday, June 6 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST and continuing on June 8, 13, 15, 20 and 22.

 The cost for the course is $65 per person, which includes a workbook and support materials for all sessions. Course size is limited, so please register by Friday, May 27th at or call 574-372-2340.

 Linda, an Annie’s Project alumna says, “I took the class to gain a better understanding about agribusiness and how financial decisions impact our farm operation.  I have a better understanding of balance sheets and the futures market…this class has improved communication with my spouse on concerns he works with on a daily basis.”

 For more information contact Emily Luc at 574-372-2340 or or Jeff Pell (  or 317-745-9260. More information can be found on the Annie’s Project website at

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Kelly Heckaman
Purdue Extension
Area XI Director
Cell: 574-527-5917

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