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Master Gardener Basic Training: Soils & Plant Nutrition

Master Gardener Class Assignments

The assignments for this session are listed under "Related Files."

Supplemental Reading and Resources

Purdue Master Gardener Manual, Chapters 2 (Indiana Soils), 6 (Fertilizers) & 7 (Tools & Techniques) - also note there is a Glossary and Index

Soil Sampling and Testing for Plant Health and for Human Health, Purdue Extension-Marion County

Soils, Plant Nutrition, and Nutrient Management, Missouri Master Gardener Core Manual

Determining Soil Texture with a Homemade Test, Fine Gardening

Published Soil Surveys for Indiana, USDA NRCS

Water Movement in Soil Video, USDA NRCS

Attributes of a Suitable Topsoil (Dealing with Landscape Soils), Purdue Extension

Mycorrhizae in Urban Landscapes, Ohio State University

Reducing Soil pH: Lawns, Landscape & Gardens, A&L Great Lakes Laboratories

Learn More About N, P and K, The Fertilizer Institute

Fertilizer Product Safety Links (heavy metals)

Composting for the Homeowner, University of Illinois

Composting to Reduce the Waste Stream, NRAES (19.7MB PDF)

Don't Bag It - Compost It, Texas A&M Extension

Using Organic Matter in the Garden, Cornell University Extension

Improve Your Soil With Cover Crops, Cornell University Extension

Building Soil Organic Matter with Organic Amendments, University of Wisconsin Extension

Building Soils for Better Crops: Sustainable Soil Management, Third Edition, SARE, USDA (large 13+ MB file)

Soil and Fertilizers Hot Links, University of Illinois Master Gardener Course

Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District

Purdue Publications Related to the Topic

Collecting Soil Samples for Testing (HO-71)

Managing Yard Wastes: Clippings and Compost (ID-182)

Household Composting: Methods and Uses for Compost (HENV-103)

Household Composting with Worms (HENV-104)

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