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Reporting Master Gardener Hours in Marion County


Marion County Master Gardeners can receive information on reporting hours from Barb Rusin at the Purdue Extension-Marion County office: or call 317-275-9279.

To maintain active Master Gardener certification, Purdue Master Gardeners must report a minimum of 12 volunteer hours and 6 training (continuing education) hours each calendar year.

Beginning January 1, 2020, 40 volunteer hours are required for initial Master Gardener certification in Marion County.

Marion County Master Gardener volunteers spent 25,037 hours educating others and impacting communities during 2018. The dollar value of time contributed by Marion County Master Gardener volunteers in 2018 amounted to $594,128.01.

How to Report Hours

Report your Master Gardener hours online at:

Master Gardener Badge Request Form

To order a Master Gardener badge, you must fill out a badge request form. The PDF version of the form in the Related Files at the bottom of the page can be completed on your computer and e-mailed (save a copy in your computer) or it can be printed and completed by hand. Use the tab key to conveniently move through the form.


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