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Grant County Mini 4-H

We welcome you and your child to the Mini 4-H program. Mini 4-H is for boys and girls who are in kindergarten, first or second grade during the current 4-H year. Mini 4-H is designed to supplement and introduce them to the Grant County 4-H program.

As a Mini 4-H parent, your job is to guide your child through the activities. It is suggested that you do not complete the activities for them. Instead, help them, guide them, work with them, and let them do all that they possibly can. Learning by doing is the best educational tool that we can provide for our youth.

Additionally, the Mini 4-H program is set up to allow your child to exhibit a project at the 4-H Fair. This project is based on information within this manual. The 4-H Fair is an exciting time for 4-H members and families. It is a week that allows community youth to showcase their talents, interests and enthusiasm for learning.

Mini 4-H is fun! Your child will certainly enjoy it. You can have fun too, by guiding and helping as your child participates in the program. Encourage and praise your child as he/she has fun learning and sharing with you.

You can enroll online at When choosing a club to join, make sure to select the Grant County Mini 4-H Club. If you have any questions, please contact the Grant County Extension Office at (765) 651-2413.

The Mini 4-H program is geared towards activity based learning. Curriculum is based on the age appropriate research and involves cooperative, experiential, and noncompetitive activities. Mini 4-H’ers have the opportunity to attend club meetings. Hamilton County Mini 4-H program is for children enrolled in kindergarten, First and Second Grade. There is no cost to join Mini 4-H.

Mini 4-H Projects
  Arts & Crafts
  Windowsill Garden

  Click here for exhibit requirements for Mini 4-H projects at the Grant County 4-H Fair.

What is the Difference Between Mini 4-H and Older 4-H Members?

Type of Learning- Mini 4-H learning is activity centered - Older 4-H member learning is project based.
Type of Instruction- Mini 4-H instruction is leader directed - Older 4-H members receive instruction from a leader and through self-study.

Recognition:-Mini 4-H'ers are recognized for their participation only - Older 4-H members are recognized for participation, goal achievement, achievement of standards, and being the best in their area via competition.

How do I Join?

Online enrollment is open from October 1 - January 15 each year. 

Mini 4-H members MUST pick Grant County Mini 4-H as their club and any of the seventeen Mini 4-H projects.
Any questions, please contact the Extension Office at 765.651.2413.


Exploring 4-H Day Camp - 

Exploring 4-H Day Camp is a fun-filled educational program designed for youth in Mini 4-H. The camp is two days in length, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m. During camp, youth have the opportunity to learn about many different topics all related to 4-H. Camp classes and activities from past camps have included model rocket launch, environmental safety, outdoor cooking, cookie decorating, character education, wildlife, bubbleology, magic of nature, care of small and large animals, group recreation, and much more!

TBD - 2022

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