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Mark Kepler, Ag/NR, CED, Fulton County Newsletters and Workshops

Mark Kepler, is the County Extension Director.  He writes weekly agriculture articles for the newspaper, and publishes The Agline, and Beef Newsletters, for area farmers.

To read any of his articles or publications see related files below.

Related Files


Beef Line Dec 2020.pdf
Agline - March 2021.pdf
Feb.10 Article- Chewing the Cud.pdf
Feb. 18 Article- Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs.pdf
Feb. 26 Article-Apple Origindocx.pdf
March 5 Article-Tales from the Tail End.pdf
March 13 Article-Trees in Winter.pdf
March 19 Article-The Bull Trimmers.pdf
March 27 Article- Sunflowers.pdf
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