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Cass County Handbook, Forms and Information needed for 4-H

Here are the Cass County handbook, forms, exhibit cards, recipe cards, skills cards and information 

needed for the 4-H program.


Click here to link to 4-H Online after October 1st.

Click here for our link to the Purdue Extension Cass County 4-H Youth Development Facebook page.

Click here for our link to the Junior Leader Facebook page. 

Related Files

Mini 4-H Exhibit Card
4-H Exhibit Card
Do Your Own Thing project card
BEEF identification Instructions
DAIRY Identification Instructions
GOAT Identification Instructions
HORSE Identification Instructions
LLAMA_ALPACA Identification Instructions
SHEEP Identification Instructions
SWINE Identification Instructions
Cass County Goat Partnership Contract
Cass County Dairy Partnership Contract
Animal Lease Agreement for leasing Dairy Heifers, Horses and Llamas
County Fair Swine Affidavit
State Fair Food Recipe Card
State Fair Craft Information Card
State Fair Home Environment Card
4-H Walk of Bricks
Junior Div. Fashion Revue Narration Form
Senior Div. Fashion Revue Narration Form
Junior Div. Fashion Revue Narration Form
Consumer Clothing Fashion Revue Narration Form
Arts and Crafts: Cass County Project Card
County Map with 4-H Club meeting locations marked
2021 Financial Assistance Request Form.pdf
2021 Cass County Off-Premise or Out-of-County form.pdf
2021 Cass County Mini 4-H enrollment form
2021 Cass County 4-H enrollment form
2021 Leader List with phone numbers
recipe card for ALL food type projects (2) on sheet.pdf
2021 Cass County 4-H handbook.pdf
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