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4-H at Home for Brown County

4-H At Home for Brown County

Opportunities for Everyone

  • The Virtual Area 1 Performing Arts Contest

This contest is an opportunity for 4-H members to showcase their talents, compete against area members, gain confidence in public settings and win prizes of their choice from the store. The submission form can be accessed here

  • The Indiana 4-H Animal Science Web Series

This is a weekly online program that features animal topics. Recorded sessions of Horse, Dog, and Rabbit Showmanship and the Zoom link to participate in current discussions Tuesdays at 3 pm can be accessed at

  • World Changers Online Hackathon 

Middle school and high school youth - change the world by joining our online hackathon! Visit to sign up. Then choose a problem to solve, work as an individual or with a group online to solve it, and turn in your solution by April 22! 

  • The Brown County Web Series 

An effort started by myself and the Jr. Leaders Club to feature Brown County 4-H members as they share their knowledge with younger 4-H members. Leaders and 4-H members wishing to be featured showcasing their favorite 4-H projects or sharing skills useful to other members should submit their videos to or contact

Resource Guides for Everyone

  • Indiana 4-H At Home Activities

Visit for a collection of at-home activities for kids created by Purdue Extension and 4-H programs across the nation.

  • National 4-H At Home Activities 

Visit to discover activities and guides to promote learning and fun at home. This page houses a Healthy Living guide, Virtual Space Camp, 4-H STEM lab and more. 

Resources for Virtual Club Meetings 

  • Online Platform Selection Guide- Attached below
  • Virtual Meeting Etiquette Guide- Attached below
  • Suggested Virtual Meeting Format

    • Recreation/Icebreaker/Mental Wellness Check In- Start the meeting with Recreation for a change!
      • Kahoot- Online trivia website you can use to brush up on you 4-H or Ag trivia to start the meeting off
      • Heads Up- One person holds a card with an animal/famous person or 4-H project above their head and they have to guess it within 20 seconds to get a point. There is an app to download this on members cell phones or text/email all members (except whose it!) what the item the person has to guess is, then say go! 
      • Pictionary- to play, divide your group into teams. Open this Pictionary word generator and choose a team to play first, as well as a designated drawer on that team. The drawer generates a word and has one minute to draw that word for their team to guess. If the team guesses the card correctly, they get a point. what the item/thing is
      • Check in with members, go around the room and ask for 1 thing they are missing and 3 things they can do to instead to have fun/stay positive. Its a good idea to validate feelings or stress or disappointment especially with youth. Instead of suppressing those feelings, acknowledge them and brainstorm more ways to stay positive at home as a group.
    • Officer Reports
      • Make sure Members are taking ownership of their club and are making the important decisions. This encourages youth to be better citizens and engage in club activities.
      • Email your treasurer the clubs latest bank statement in advance of the meeting.
      • Make sure your secretary is taking notes and posting/emailing those notes to members after the meeting.
    • 4-H Member Project Demonstration
      • Before the meeting reach out to a member and ask them to prepare a brief project demonstration on something you know they did well in last year.
      • Ask them to even bring a Rabbit or Chicken to the Zoom Meeting! Have the member discuss how they prepare for show!
      • Introduce a new project that might spark interest with your members
    • Go over any updates
      • Use your 4-H newsletter as a guide
    • Leave Some Time for Questions or for members to socialize. Then end the meeting.

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