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Allen County 4-H Livestock Auction

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Can Bid/Buy?
Any business or family can participate in the Auction by registering and obtaining a Buyers' Number. Buyers may combine to make single purchases. Buyers wanting to “pool” their money must complete additional paperwork indicating all the buyers and amounts to be paid by each.

Who sells the animals?
4-H youth, between grades three - twelve, who show animals at the County Fair, are eligible to sell a maximum of two specie through the ring. They may sell only one item per specie.


What do I do with the animal when I buy it?
Chicken broilers, turkeys and rabbit sellers provide them either live, or dressed and ready to eat. Steers, lambs, goats and pigs, may either be kept and taken home, or arranged to have processed, or you can "consign" the animal to market. Buyers are responsible for making arrangements with meat lockers for processing and must have the animal removed within 2 hours following the conclusion of the Auction if you “Keep”.

Which animal do I buy?
Buyers either come to purchase a specific 4-H members animal or they come to support the Auction in general. The sale sheets you receive when you register will give you the names of the 4-H members and their parent/guardian's name.

How are the animals bid? The auctioneers use the conventional method of taking the highest bid. Bids are made in even dollar amounts and are bid on the animal not by the pound.

What if I can not be present during the Auction?
If you wish to have someone place a bid for you, contact the Auction Committee. Be sure to indicate which 4-H member you wish to bid on and how to contact you following the sale.

When do I pay for my animals? We expect buyers to pay for their purchases before leaving that day. Buyers not paying will be sent an itemized bill for the animals purchased. Prompt payment is expected.

What are my costs?
Animals that can be consigned will have a market value listed on the sale sheet. If you keep the animal, then you pay for the entire amount market price plus your bid. If you "consign" the animal, then you pay only what your bid

For example:

Consign Animal                                     Keep Animal
   Market Price  $200.00                              Market Price   $200.00 
   Your Bid        $300.00                              Your Bid        $300.00
   You Pay         $300.00                              You Pay        $500.00

Donate your sheep, goats, pigs, steers:
In cooperation with the Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry, you can opt to pay the full amount for your animal and donate it to for use by the Community Harvest Food Bank system. You must declare at the time of the sale that you wish to do so.

For more information:
Contact the Allen County 4-H Livestock Auction Committee Chairs Randy Lewis, 489-0920 or Sharon Clark, 637-3492.

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