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Against All Odds: One Business’s Pandemic Survival Story


~by Heather Strohm

Regional Extension Educator, Community Development – Purdue University


Driven by the work ethic her mother instilled in her, Sherri Bryant established Team Bryant six years ago when she moved to Indianapolis. She dappled in real estate back then. But recognizing the market was establishing momentum, Sherri began to make significant investments in her company and grew her team to 10 agents, primarily female team members. She has cultivated and empowered her team with diversity, individuality and the ability to service client needs above and beyond the traditional approach to real estate.




This approach has permitted her team to place customer needs first, allowing her to pivot the company to obtain additional market share. Communication and service are what clients are searching for, and Team Bryant has leveled up above the competition on the playing field. Volunteering and community outreach continually place Sherri’s company into stakeholders’, influencers’ and potential clients’ field of vision. In addition, the volunteer and community outreach align with her overall market plan.

“I love what I do,” Sherri says, and because real estate can be a difficult and stressful job, she advises people to only work in the industry if they truly do have a passion for it. Sherri enjoys many aspects of her job, including building relationships with people, working in an environment that is always changing, and helping her clients meet their goals. In the future, she wants to continue growing, with plans to add at least five new agents in the next two years. She also will maintain her work ethic and strong values. “If I am going to do it, I put my whole heart and soul into it,” Sherri says.

With the onset of COVID in 2019, many companies experienced significant losses throughout the country. Team Bryant proactively recognized how to maneuver such a traumatic event and how to navigate the waters of a crisis.

Sherri’s recipe?
Customer service
Exceeding Expectations
Under-promising, but over-delivering
Adding customer value to the experience

Pandemic pivots that saved small businesses:

First and foremost, the ability to continue operating digitally was a critical factor in how businesses have fared throughout the pandemic. The U.S. Chamber conducted a survey in 2020. Among the small businesses surveyed, 69% modified their operations for customers during COVID-19. Common changes included: adding virtual functions like appointments/telehealth or conferences (25%), creating a new delivery or curbside pickup service (15%), and developing e-commerce/online sales (11%).

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