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List Of Johnson County 4-H Leaders. Divided by school district, or project.
Listing of labs that can test yard, garden, and/or farm soil
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4-H Enrollment for 2015-2016 is now OPEN!! 4-H for 3rd-12th graders - $25.00 enrollment fee/child. *Scholarship Available Mini 4-H (1st & 2nd graders) No enrollment fee!!
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Proposed rule changes for the coming year. These will be voted on at the October 4-H Council meeting.
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Upcoming CenUSA Bioenergy Field Day at the FFA Center in Trafalgar on October 20. This is an opportunity to glance into the future possibilities of using warm-season grasses as a fuel resource for people.
Johnson Co Master Gardener evening trainings begin January 12th. Register now!
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Johnson County Extension Homemaker