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2023-24 Johnson County 4-H Rule Changes for Public

2023-2024 Rules/Guidelines Decisions 

Rules/Guidelines that passed –  

1.  Dairy Awards – changing to stay with current Dairy awards/names 
  1. Change Junior Champion/Reserve Champion to Champion/Reserve Champion Dairy Heifer 
  2. Change Senior Champion/Reserve Champion to Champion/Reserve Champion Dairy Cow 
  3. Change Supreme Junior Champion to Supreme Dairy Heifer 
  4. Change Supreme Senior Champion to Supreme Dairy cow 
  5. Heifers would not compete for overall Supreme Dairy Cow 
  6. Add Dry Cows – any milking age  
2.  General Animal Rules – Animal Health (page 136, #1) – changing some wording and combining some wording together 
  1. Any animal that develops or shows sign of infectious or communicable disease during exhibition will be asked to be removed from the premises by the barn superintendent and/or 4-H Extension Educator. If the family is disputing the decision for the animal to be removed, the family (at their own cost) may have a licensed and accredited veterinarian review the animal in question. 
  2. #2 – Any licensed and accredited veterinarian is authorized to make the final determination as to an animal’s eligibility for exhibition. Any licenses and accredited veterinarian may order removal of any animal from the exhibition ground.  
  3. #4 – take out  
3.  Beef Breeding Heifer 
  1. Match heifer class names/dates to the 4-H State Fair Beef Heifer classes for consistency and clarify  
4.  Needlecraft – allow more exhibit per 4-H member to increase exhibits 
  1. A member may enter more than one needlecraft exhibits. If entering more than one, the exhibits need to be different types of needlecrafts (ex. You cannot enter 2 knitting, but you could enter 1 knitting and 1 crocheting)  
5.  Rabbits – adding Czech Frosty as a breed 
6.  Crops 
  1. All crops, except hay, will be disposed of by the superintendent at the end of the fair. Glass jars or containers will be returned to exhibitor at project checkout. Hay will be returned to exhibitor at project check out and discarded if not picked up by the end of project check out.  
7.  Arts and Crafts – Painting 
  1. Add that paint needs to be dry on exhibit  
8.  Goats 
  1. All does 2 years of age and over must have kidded at least once in order to be eligible to show. 
    1. This was already a rule stated in some but not all sections of the breeding goat shows. Putting it with the general rules makes it more consistent. 
  2. Adding Sable Saanen Breed to Dairy Goat Classes 
    1. Adding Sable Saanens to model State Fair Dairy Goat Breeds. 
  3. Removing Dairy & Pygmy - Dam & Daughter Classes 
    1. Currently only Dairy & Pygmy Goats have a Dam & Daughter class. To be fair to the other goat types (Specialty & Meat), we feel these should be removed to stay consistent with each show. We feel adding these classes to the other types is not an option, as we already have an 8+ hour show on Monday. 
  4. Condensing Specialty Goat Classes 
    1. When the Specialty Goat Show was created approximately 10 years ago, we were not sure how to best structure classes. With experiences over the years and input from judges, we feel condensing the classes will eliminate confusion for exhibitors when signing up for classes and efficiency during the show. 
  5. Adding Champion/Reserve Champion Mediumweight Dairy Wether 
    1. Dairy Wether numbers have been rising significantly over the past 5 years, adding a Mediumweight division provides more opportunities for members to earn awards in this class and makes it easier for the judges to sift through animals. 
  6. Removing Harness Goat Classes 
    1. We have not had an entry in this class for 5+ years. 
  7. Pride of the Barn Award Changes 
    1. Slight wording changes to stay relevant to the club's current program.  
9.  Animal Exhibition – Grooming Assistance – to be consistent with 4-H State Fair rules 
  1. AT THE JOHNSON COUNTY FAIR, the 4-H animal exhibitor may receive CLIPPING AND GROOMING ASSISTANCE from only their immediate family which is defined as a father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, legal guardian, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, grandfather, step-grandfather, grandmother, step grandmother, aunt or uncle; or from another Indiana 4-H exhibitor, past Johnson County 4-H member, current Johnson County 4-H leader or any individual that has completed the Indiana 4-H Grooming Assistance program by July 1st and has their name on the list (must have a valid Indiana driver's license). Guardianships granted on a temporary basis for the purpose of circumventing these terms and conditions will not be recognized as “family”. “Assistance” means that 4-H members must be present and participating in the clipping and grooming. 
    1. Refer to the Indiana 4-H General Terms and Conditions and the Behavioral Expectations of Johnson County 4-H Members regarding violations of rules and penalties. 
    2. Any past Johnson County 4-H member that will be assisting with clipping and grooming must have a signed Adult Behavioral Expectation form on file at the Extension Office by 4:30 pm on July 1.   
10.  Beef – Animal Tie Outs -  
  1. The cattle barn superintendent will assign the tie out spots based off the July 1st request for tie outs in Fair Entry when county animal entries are completed.   
11.  Animal Enrollment – change to current industry procedures and 4-H State Fair Beef Show 
  1. Market Heifers will be a “breed” within beef steers and must be weighed and tagged on cattle identification day.  
12.  Beef – Beef Heifer Classes  
  1. There will not be a separate show for Market Heifers, like in year’s past. All market heifers will be showed in the beef show. Market heifers will not eligible to be shown in the breeding heifer show.  
  2. Market heifers will have to attend cattle identification day to be weighed and tagged.  
13.  Cardmaking –  
  1. Revising cardmaking exhibit suggestions to current cardmaking trends in the Arts and Crafts manual, not the 4-H Handbook.  

Rules/Guidelines that did not pass

– Many guideline changes that were submitted were suggested changes to state supported projects and all 4-H Educators were told at our annual conference that “exhibit guidelines for state projects are to be the same in all counties”. 

1.  Fashion Revue Wearable Art –  

  1. Suggested Change –  
    Garments constructed, rather than embellished, should be exhibited in their respective categories. For example, a knitted sweater should be exhibited in needlecraft, etc.) 
  2. Did not pass. We have something similar already there, just needs some edits to what is already there.
    1. Garments need to be purchased by the 4-H member and decorated or embellished. Making this statement BOLD – Garments and/or accessories made by the 4-H member that qualify for knitting, needlecraft, crocheting, etc should be entered in the appropriate Arts and Crafts project(s). Handmade jewelry should be entered in the Jewelry Making category and does not qualify as a wearable art accessory. 

 2.  Fashion Revue Sewing/Wearable Art 

  1. Suggested Change – Bring skills card (sewing) and description card (wearable art) to check in to verify skills meets requirements. 
  2. Did not pass. Per the State 4-H Office, all exhibit guidelines for state projects are to be the same in all counties. Therefore, we cannot change/add/delete any exhibit guidelines to state projects.  

3.  General Terms 

  1. Suggested Change – add that livestock exhibitors will lose premium and/or sale money 
  2. Did not pass. The way it is written right now leaves it up to livestock superintendents, Fairboard, 4-H Council, Extension Educators to determine the best course of action. Rather it be broader than an exact consequence. 

4.  Dairy Feeder Steers  

  1. Suggested Change – Animals that don’t make the 300-pound minimum weight cannot show. 
  2. Do not pass. Animals that don’t make the 300-pound weight can show in an exhibition class only and/or showmanship. Animals that weigh over the 700-pound weight max are able to move to the big steer classes.   

5.  Small Engines 

  1. Suggested Change - Judging of engine will be outside of building. Fuel and oil will be removed before entering building and displayed. Or have video of engine running to show judge 
  2. Did not pass - Per the State 4-H Office, all exhibit guidelines for state projects are to be the same in all counties. Therefore, we cannot change/add/delete any exhibit guidelines to state projects. For safety reasons, all fluids (fuel and oil) must be removed before taking the exhibit inside a building.  

6.  Sewing  

  1. Suggested Change – add under each grade level exactly what each grade can exhibit 
  2. Did not pass. Per the State 4-H Office, all exhibit guidelines for state projects are to be the same in all counties. Therefore, we cannot change/add/delete any exhibit guidelines to state projects. 

7.  Home Environment  

  1. Suggest Change – add under each grade level exactly what each grade can exhibit 
  2. Did not pass - Per the State 4-H Office, all exhibit guidelines for state projects are to be the same in all counties. Therefore, we cannot change/add/delete any exhibit guidelines to state projects. 

8.  Arts and Crafts 

  1. Suggested Change – change “guidelines” to “requirements” 
  2. Did not pass. Per the State 4-H Office we cannot use the word “requirements” 

9.  Animal Exhibition  

  1. Suggested Change – add when entering animals July 1st, you must pick which animal each sibling will be showing at this time 
  2. Did not pass. We already make them identify at this time. 

New Project for 2024 – Communications (will match 4-H State Guidelines)  

State Guideline Changes to Projects that we will be adapting –  

  • Aerospace – added drone exhibit suggestions. 
  • Communications – deleted language about state fair achievement trip and added state fair Celebration of Champions information. 
  • Electric – referred notebook/report exhibits to scorecard to learn what information needs to be included. 
  • Garden – add any other single vegetable and any other herb as exhibit options. Removed Latin name requirement. 
  • Genealogy – clarified divider tab language. 
  • Photography – deleted display board as an exhibit option. 
  • Woodworking Techniques – Combined Level 1 and 2. 
  • Swine Birthdates – will be allowed to have swine farrowed on or after December 1st  
  • Not a change, but counties cannot go outside this rule – ALL animals MUST be enrolled in 4-H Online by the May 15th deadline. 
  • If an animal dies or gets sick after the May 15th deadline a 4-H member may substitute another animal as long as the substitute animal has been enrolled by the May 15th deadline.  
    • Cannot allow animals not enrolled by the May 15th deadline show in showmanship only classes even if a 4-H member only has one animal.  

Scorecard Updates 

  • Beekeeping, two honey product 
  • Food Recipe Card – revised 
  • Garden Collection 
  • Garden single vegetable and collection, 4-H 497 – revised
  • Genealogy judge’s checklist, 4-H 77 a-W - revised 
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