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Southeastern Indiana's Got Talent- Area 1 Performing Arts

February 3, 2020

Southeastern Indiana's Got Talent- Area 1 4-H Performing Arts Contest

Calling all performers, large and small to our talent show on May 1, 2020 at Hopewell Baptist Church from 6-8 pm. All current 4-H members are eligible to compete. Individuals and groups are welcomed. Winners of the competition will be showcased at Purdue University during 4-H Round Up in June. For those looking to make it big to those just wanting to have fun with their 4-H club we have the stage ready for you!

When: May 1, 2020 from 6-8 pm

Where: Hopewell Baptist Church 

2319 N CR 850 W, HOLTON, IN 47023

How to Register:

  1. Download the Registration Form Below
  2. Fill out Form and select categories of participation
  3. Submit to the Purdue Extension- Brown County Office

Types of Acts

Group Acts

Number of performers: five (5) or more performers

Performance time limit: 5-8 minutes

Types of acts: skits or sketches, choral number, dance routines, lip sync.

Curtain Acts: Non-Musical

Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers

Performance time limit: 3-5 minutes

Types of Acts: skits or sketches, magic, clowning, rhythmic gymnastics, reading, 4-H cheerleading routines, choral speaking reading, dance (ballet, tap modern, etc.), lip sync, juggling, acrobatic feats, ballads, puppetry.

Curtain Acts: Musical

Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers

Performance time limit: 3-5 minutes

Types of Acts: instrumental (piano, guitar, flute, drums, etc.), vocal, bands (rock, country, jazz)


All entertainers must be 4-H members. Narrators are considered part of the act so they must be a 4-H member as well. Please note: A person whose only contribution to the act is that of being piano or other accompanist is not considered part of the act and therefore does not have to be a 4-H member. This is because this provides music in a similar capacity as a tape provides music.

Mini 4-H/Exploring 4-H is designed to provide noncompetitive educational experiences. We want to give mini/exploring youth a chance to participate in 4-H Performing Arts, but not have the pressure of being judged. Since acts have to compete in order to come to 4-H Round-Up or State Fair, the following eligibility rules will be applied:

  1. A mini-/exploring 4-H’er(s) may NOT perform a curtain act.
  2. A group of mini/exploring 4-H’ers may NOT perform a group act.
  3. However, mini/exploring 4-H’ers may perform in a group act at under the following circumstances: The mini/exploring 4-H’er is associated with a regular 4-H club which includes older members, and the majority of the group act performers are active 4-H members in grades 3-12.



Call the Purdue Extension-Brown County Office with any questions

(812) 988- 5495



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