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Southeastern Indiana's Got Talent- Area 1 Performing Arts

March 18, 2020
Virtual Contest

Southeastern Indiana's Got Talent- Area 1 4-H Performing Arts Contest

In light of COVID-19 travel and event restrictions our Area 1 4-H Performing Arts Contest is going Virtual!

Now is the perfect time to showcase your talents by making a video submission to our contest! Upload your skit, musical performance, special skill, or talent using the form below by April 25th.

The submission videos will be complied, judged, and uploaded through a private link only contest participants, selected family members and extension educators will have access too. Winners will be announced at the end of the Virtual Contest which will go live May 1st!

All videos are limited to 5 minutes or less and an MP4 file format is preferred. You may be contacted again by Purdue Extension-Brown County if we have difficulties formatting your video.When creating your submissions:

***Ensure your submission is aligned with Indiana 4-H behavioral expectations.

***Ensure the background of your video is an appropriate setting for a 4-H event.

***Ensure any background music in your video is also aligned with Indiana 4-H behavioral expectations.

All submissions that do not meet these expectations, contain foul language, or are inappropriate in any way will be disqualified.

Consult your respective 4-H Handbooks for complete listings of behavioral expectations.Winning acts will also advance to competition at Purdue University during 4-H Round Up!

Complete listings of category guidelines and submission instructions are included on the submission form. Good Luck!

Access the submission form here:

Types of Acts

Group Acts

Number of performers: five (5) or more performers

Performance time limit: 5-8 minutes

Types of acts: skits or sketches, choral number, dance routines, lip sync.

Curtain Acts: Non-Musical

Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers

Performance time limit: 3-5 minutes

Types of Acts: skits or sketches, magic, clowning, rhythmic gymnastics, reading, 4-H cheerleading routines, choral speaking reading, dance (ballet, tap modern, etc.), lip sync, juggling, acrobatic feats, ballads, puppetry.

Curtain Acts: Musical

Number of performers: one (1) to four (4) performers

Performance time limit: 3-5 minutes

Types of Acts: instrumental (piano, guitar, flute, drums, etc.), vocal, bands (rock, country, jazz)


All entertainers must be 4-H members. Narrators are considered part of the act so they must be a 4-H member as well. Please note: A person whose only contribution to the act is that of being piano or other accompanist is not considered part of the act and therefore does not have to be a 4-H member. This is because this provides music in a similar capacity as a tape provides music.

Mini 4-H/Exploring 4-H is designed to provide noncompetitive educational experiences. We want to give mini/exploring youth a chance to participate in 4-H Performing Arts, but not have the pressure of being judged. Since acts have to compete in order to come to 4-H Round-Up or State Fair, the following eligibility rules will be applied:

  1. A mini-/exploring 4-H’er(s) may NOT perform a curtain act.
  2. A group of mini/exploring 4-H’ers may NOT perform a group act.
  3. However, mini/exploring 4-H’ers may perform in a group act at under the following circumstances: The mini/exploring 4-H’er is associated with a regular 4-H club which includes older members, and the majority of the group act performers are active 4-H members in grades 3-12.



Call the Purdue Extension-Brown County Office with any questions

(812) 988- 5495



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