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2019-2020 4-H Trips & Events

February 12, 2020

We have many upcoming 4-H Trips that you may be eligible to attend.

View the related files below to download an application and in-depth overview of upcoming trips, events, and opportunities! 


Why go on a 4-H Trip?

4-H Trips are a terrific opportunity for personal growth and development – not to mention a great way to have fun! In most cases the registration costs for trips are covered by the Hendricks County 4-H Council or other sponsors. So, take advantage and apply!

How do I apply?

To apply for all trips, fill out the “Hendricks County 4-H Trips, Awards, and Conferences Application” from the link below or from what you receive in the mail and choose up to four that you would possibly like to attend.

Some trips will require additional applications, and most trips may require a down payment prior to complete registration, but turning in the enclosed application will allow us to notify you of the additional required information. You do not have to turn in deposits with the application. They will be due at a later date that will be defined based on the trips you choose to attend. Spots are limited, so apply soon!!

NOTE: If additional spots are available after January, another round of applications will be sent out. The sooner you submit your application, the more likely you are to be selected to attend a trip! Also in this packet, you will find information about other awards and opportunities 4-H offers. Be sure to check those out in addition to the trip possibilities!

How do I get to my trips?

Most trips require that the 4-Her provide their own transportation to the event. However, some trips may have transportation that is provided or available for youth. If transportation is available for a trip, the youth attending will be alerted before the trip. 

How do I pay for my trips?

Many trips are sponsored by the 4-H Youth Council. However, there are some trips that require families to cover a portion or all of the cost. The 4-H Youth Council may not sponsor every trip you sign up for. If that is the case, you may still be eligible to attend the event, but will need to find your own funding or cover your own costs. If you have concerns about payment, please talk with the Extension Office – Please, do not let payment be a reason you don’t attend a trip!


Please NOTE - There are three applications listed below. One is for general 4-H Trips and Opportunities. This application is to be used if you are interested in attending any of the trips that are sponsored by the 4-H Youth Council or other groups. The other two applications are for the National 4-H Conference and The Global Gateway Experience. These two applications are due on December 7th. National Conference is to be applied for via 4-HOnline and Global Gateway is due in our office by December 1, 2019.  The 4-H Youth Council still sponsors these, but they are just at an earlier date and are not included on the other application. Please contact the Extension Office if you have any questions about any of the applications available. 




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