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4-H Record Forms

August 7, 2020

The 4-H Record of Achievement form is due to our office August 15th. Please make sure that you have turned in your records to your 4-H Leaders OR to the Extension Office if you are not affiliated with a club or if you Leader directs you to turn it in. 

Please note that our office only needs a "copy" of the 4-H Record of Achievement form, you should keep the original - we do not need the entire green book.  Our files are overflowing here in the office and we only need to refer to the Record of Achievement. You can submit it by emailing by sending it to hancockces@purdue.edu 

You may also find the General Record sheets for specific grade levels on this link. These forms are used to list the projects completed for the current year. You will need to complete those forms as well and keep them in your green books for your club leader. 

Why do we have record sheets?  Record sheets are a good way for you to keep track of all of the things you have done while you have been involved in 4-H.  They are also what are used to select awards each year.  When you near college age, it is important to have up- to-date records so that you can be considered for various scholarships.  Record sheets also show that you have completed a 4-H project. 

When 4-H members begin, every 4-Her should receive a Green Record Book and a white achievement card.  This is where they will record information throughout their 4-H journey.  Each year, you should add new information to the white  Record of 4-H Achievement  card.  Then you will put this Record of Achievement along with the General Record sheet inside your Green Record Book for your club leader.


New online record program:

RecordBook - You can submit your achievement information online if you want to! 

Step 1: go to https://recordbook.app/App/Public/SignIn

Step 2: Log-in using your 4-H Log-in credentials.

Step 3: Select your student / club.

Step 4: Enter your information


Check out this helpful video for more tips and an introduction to the 4-H integrated Recordbook: 4-H Recordbook Tutorial on Vimeo

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