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Williamsport is the county seat of Warren County.  Warren County is believed to be the location where Paul Dresser wrote our state song, “On the Banks of the Wabash” and home to Indiana’s highest free-falling waterfall, Williamsport Falls. 

Williamsport Falls, in Williamsport, cascades down 90 feet, making it the tallest waterfall in Indiana.  You can get a glimpse of the top of the waterfall from a viewing area, and you can head down to the base of Williamsport Falls. For a unique adventure, walk behind the falls to feel the cool mist of water.

While Williamsport Falls is stunning any time of the year, it's particularly striking after a rainfall.  It has also been called "Dry Falls" related to that many times there is only a trickle of water coming though the falls.
Address: Williamsport Falls, 25 N Monroe St, Williamsport, IN 47993, USA

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