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"4-H and FFA livestock projects provide an excellent opportunity for youth to develop valuable positive life skills that will benefit them as they become adults. Accepting responsibility for doing a job is paramount for these youth and is well documented in similar research. Caring for an animal project requires responsibility and fortitude." 

Holmgren, L. N., & Reid, C. R. (2007). 4-H & FFA Livestock Projects: Life Skills gained and knowledge learned. Journal of Youth Development, 2(1), 124–132.

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Pike County 4-H Youth Development Educator

Mandy Hannah
Club Name Special Interest Club Leaders
Feathers & Fur 4-H Club Poultry & Rabbits

Phyllis Hyneman: (812) 664-2273

Chris Hyneman: (812) 664-5994

Just Kidding 4-H Club Goats & Sheep Larry Haycraft: (812) 380-1833
Pike's Flying Manes Horses & Ponies

Jason & Mindy Keeker: (812) 582-2635

Livestock Species Superintendent(s)
Beef/Dairy Cattle

Dave Flint
Megan Frederick

Goats Larry Haycraft
Horse & Pony Jason & Mindy Keeker
Llamas & Alpacas Vacant
Poultry Chris Hyneman
Rabbits Phyllis Hyneman
Sheep Larry Haycraft
Swine Mike Wilson