Livestock Identification

Animal identification is the basis for keeping accurate production records of the herd/flock. Individual animal identification allows 4-H youth producers to keep records on an animal's parentage, birth date, production records, health history, and a host of other important management information.

4-H Livestock must be properly identified in 4-H Online by May 15 each year!

Livestock not properly identified may not exhibit at the Pike County 4-H Fair that year.

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Looking for More Livestock ID Information?

These forms can be used to help learn the identification requirements of each species and complete the identification process each year. 

These forms will be updated for each 4-H program year (October 1 - September 30).

Pike County 4-H Livestock ID Requirements

Indiana 4-H Livestock ID Requirements

4-H Animal Lease Agreement

Horses, Ponies, and Dairy Heifers are the only 4-H livestock that are allowed to be leased in Indiana 4-H. 

Poultry Identification Form

Indiana Poultry Exhibitor Form