Mini Space

EXHIBIT: This is a list of project activities that can be shown at the Newton County Punkin’ Vine Fair.  Pick a project activity you would like to try from the list below. This exhibit can be displayed in various ways such as on a 22” X 28” poster board (see the “4-H Poster and Notebook Requirements” section for more information), scrapbook, project activities, etc. Make a poster or a group mural of space. Be sure to include some constellations.

  • Design and make your own rocket using materials around your house like paper towel tubes and construction paper.
  • Make a poster or a book showing some things you have discovered about astronauts.
  • Make a project activity as a group and take it to the fair to show the kinds of things your group has been doing.
  • Make a scrapbook of pictures showing your group having fun while making the project activities in this manual.
  • Make the star constellation of your choice using two different techniques from this manual or make up your own method.
  • Write a short poem about what you think it would be like to explore space. Design a space cover for your poem.