4-H Scholarships

  •  State 4-H Scholarships - Due January 25th
    • Click HERE for the Indiana 4-H scholarship page for applications. 
    • Directions for submitting can be found HERE. 
    • Click HERE for a Summary of all State Scholarship Chart
  • Grade 10 - 1st-year alumni- Accomplishment Resume- based on life skills gained
  • Seniors
    • 4-H Foundation
      • All seniors 
      • Any further education
      • 4 pages (leadership, community service, 4-H work
    • Laurenz Greene Horticulture
      • 4 years of 4-H horticulture or plant science projects
      • Purdue Horticulture or Landscape Architect major
    • Club
      • 4-H'er for 4 years 
      • Enrolled in Purdue College of Ag or selected HHS major

**** To get started contact Rena Sheldon to set up a 1-hour session.  You will need your Green Record book and a 4-H adult for the session 

  • County
    • Paper copies will be mailed in April to qualifying 4-H'ers
    • 4-H Scholarships
      • All Seniors - Due June 1
      • Outstanding 4-H'er Scholarships
        • 4-H'ers who are in their 10th year of regular 4-H - Due June 1

4-H Accomplishment  (Resume)  Scholarship

4-H'ers in grade 10- 1st year alumni can apply for a $1,000 project category scholarship or a $2,000 overall scholarship.

4-H Senior Foundation

4-H members in their senior year of high school. Scholarships range from $250 - $1000.  Two Morgan County 4-H'ers typically receive $500. 

  • State application and information
  • Tip for completing 4-page application


Laurenz Greene Horticulture

4-H members entering Purdue University Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architect.  4-H'er must have 4 years of horticulture or plant science-related projects.  The scholarship is a $1,000 and is renewable for 4 years if 2.0 GPA is maintained. 

  • State application and information 
  • Tips for completing 4-page application

4-H Club Scholarship

  • State application and information
  • My Record of Achievement Form

Morgan County Extension Homemaker's Scholarship

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Morgan County Beef Cattle Association Scholarship

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Morgan County Farm Bureau Scholarship

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