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We provide research-based educational programming and resources to the residents of Dearborn County. Proudly located in Aurora, Indiana!


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Dearborn County Fair
June 17 - 21, 2024

Come To The Fair!

The Dearborn County Fair Committee and 4-H Board of Directors would like to invite everyone to the County Fair this year. We are happy to see you come back to the Fair! The “The Ohio Carnival Company” brings a midway full of traditional carnival rides everyone will enjoy!

Plan on attending the Dearborn County Fair the week of June 17 – 21, 2024.  This year’s theme is: “The 4-H Life.”

Please support all our sponsors who make this fair possible for all to attend and support the 4-H program throughout the year.

Dearborn County Fair Committee
Dearborn County 4-H Board of Directors

For for more information and Fair schedule go to 

Purdue Extension Impact Report 2023

This Purdue Extension 2023 Impact Report features stories that highlight partnerships that have served our state’s producers, supported residents in becoming healthier, built more resilient communities and prepared Indiana’s youth to take that first step to their giant leap. We will continue to bring the science, technology and resources to all 92 counties as Indiana’s educational partner for life and as an extension of the world class institution we represent: Purdue University.

Click on "2023 Purdue Extension Impact Report" below to read the Impact Report.

2023 Purdue Extension Impact Report

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Help is here.  Find the resources available closest to your current location.  Just copy and paste the following in your browser for the help you need:


Indiana 4-H Needs You To Be A Broadband Influencer

Purdue Extension and Indiana 4-H are working together to gather important data from Indiana communities to 1) validate address and internet service availability on FCC map with designated link 2) Conduct multiple speed tests during all hours of the day for the next several weeks with designated link OR verify internet is not available or household is under served and 3) learn about and apply for Indiana Connectivity Program [internet financial assistance].

While families may have participated in other speed tests and broadband capability surveys, current data is required and Purdue Extension is using it's visibility in all 92 counties to call upon families and youth to add to the compiled data. With your help the federal government, in partnership with states, is deploying broadband funds through the Broadband Equity, Adoption, and Deployment program, also known as BEAD.

Indiana is receiving close to $870 million starting mid to late 2024. A map put together by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, the government entity that regulates telecommunications, will dictate where these funds go.

So, we need to make sure Indiana’s broadband map is as accurate as possible.  

For more information click on the flyer below.

Broadband Flyer

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