4-H Gift Wrapping Project

The goal of this project is to develop creativity and self satisfaction as well as to learn how to wrap all types of gifts appropriate for each individual and every occasion.

General Guidelines
  • Should wrap or make 5 packages or more in the calendar year (including the exhibit)
  • All bows are to be hand made (no bow makers are allowed)
  • Must turn in record sheet with exhibit
  • May exhibit 1 “box” or required facsimile at designated time (the exhibit must follow all general guidelines and division guidelines)

The package is for exhibit purposes only and should not contain an article

Exhibit Class Guidelines

Grade 3

Create a display of 3 self made bows, each different style, and exhibit on a 12"x12" firm back board such as plywood, foam board, card board, etc. not to exceed 5/16" thickness that is covered in wrapping paper.

Grade 4

Wrap one package either square or rectangle using purchased paper and using one self-made bow.
No article or card can be attached

Grade 5 

Wrap one package either square or rectangle using purchased paper and a self-made bow and an article must be attached to accent bow. Examples: rattle, cookie cutter, small toys, artificial flowers, etc.

Grade 6

Wrap one package either square or rectangular using self designed paper and a self-made bow. May have articles attached to the bow. Examples of self designed paper: rolling, painting, string pulling, dip
dying, potato-vegetable printing, stamping, stickers, etc.

Grade 7 

Wrap one cylinder using self designed paper and a self-made bow.

Grade 8 

Wrap one package that is a box and lid separately. Package must have a self-made bow. Bow
may have articles attached to it. Box must contain tissue paper that is properly placed in box.

Grade 9 

Make a self-made gift bag. Bag can be made with purchased or self designed paper. Bag must have
a self-made bow and accessorized with tissue paper. May have articles attached.

Grade 10 

Wrap a series of two or three packages in a tiered effect wrapped as one complete package. Example: 3 stacked cylinders, 2 rectangular boxes, 1 box and 2 cylinders. Must have a self-made bow.

Grade 11

Wrap a box and separate lid, of any shape, using fabric or other medium, other than paper, so that the box may be reused or can be a gift. Box must have a self-made bow. Accessorize at your discretion.

Grade 12 

Wrap one gift which is not wrapped in a box. Example: umbrella, a bat, a broom, a jar of preserves, basket, etc.

Gift must include a self-made bow