Interested in becoming ServSafe Certified? We offer the Food Manager's Certification Exam multiple times throughout 2015. Please refer to the flyer for dates and information on becoming certified for 5 years!
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A complete list for 4-H Scholarships for the seniors year 2015.
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Many thanks to those who enrolled in the Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program using the new 4HOnline system. In this year of transition to a new enrollment system and our move to focus on year-round educational programming for the 4-H youth we serve, we don't want to leave anyone out. If you were unable to enroll by January 15 and wish to participate in Indiana 4-H in 2015, simply contact your county Purdue Extension Office to complete a paper enrollment form and submit the required program f
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Needlecraft 4-H Project Overview
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4-H Newsletters (New and Archived)
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4-H General Record Sheet
The Learning Network of Clinton County
The Learning Network's goal is to overcome obstacles by connecting people and organizations with educational programs throughout Indiana. We bring a world of educational opportunities to Clinton County. Visit the Learning Network Website directly for a list of classes and programs at

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