Purdue Extension will be offering a series that will take growers through a "Home Vegetable Gardens: For the Pleasure of Growing Your Own Produce"  webinars that offers opportunities to learn about vegetable production practices.

The series will take place from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm  CST on February 19 & 26 and March 5, 12, and 19. The program will be held at the Warrick CO Courthhouse Room 308 IN Boonville, IN. 

Each day will feature a two-hour session that covers a topic important to vegetable growers. The agenda includes:

* February 19 - Session 1: Getting Started in Vegetable Gardening.

* February 26 - Session 2: Starting Early and Fresh Produce Safety.

* March 5 - Session 3: Vegetable Varieties: Cool and Warm Season.

* March 12 - Session 4: Disease Management: Diagnosing Tips and Prevention Tips.

* March 19 - Session 5: Pest Management: Pest Identification and some Organic Controls.


The series be applicable to those that are looking at getting started in growing. It will also offer a wealth of information for those that have been growing for many years as varieties of vegetables will be discussed and current insect and disease issues brought up. This will be a great reminder of best practices in growing as well as a great way to get information on new tips and tricks for gardening.

Registration is $35 per person for all sessions or $10 per person for an individual session. The fee includes all handouts and resource materials.

For more information regarding program content, or how to register, contact your county Purdue Extension office or Amanda at 812-568-9025, bailey1@purdue.edu