Environmental Stewardship
Bald Eagle
While most of us think of spring as the bird breeding season, several species get a jump start during the winter. Bald Eagles build nests in large trees or snags near sources of food - rivers, streams and lakes during the winter season. Wildlife Extension Specialist, Brian MacGowan, shares a frequent question asked regarding what kind of activities can and can not take place around Bald Eagles.
Planting seedlings.
Trees are planted for various reasons including, timber production, wildlife habitat, riparian buffers, native woodland restoration, windbreaks, watershed protection, erosion control, and conservation. If you are contemplating planting trees or shrubs for conservation purposes this spring, it is not too late to order seedlings from Indiana nurseries.
Sustainable Communities Extension Program
The Sustainable Communities program, a collaboration between Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) and Purdue University Extension, has been helping Indiana decision makers and residents improve the long-term health of their communities for years. And learning about available workshops and resources is now easier than ever with their new program website.
Light-Timber Frames for Transitional Disaster-Relief Housing, FNR-493-W
In the aftermath of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, victims could get more than temporary help if the structures erected to provide immediate relief could be easily converted into permanent structures. These converted, repurposed buildings developed by Dr. Eva Haviarova and Dr. Carl Eckelman could become long-term housing, schools, and clinics-or farm and light-industrial buildings.