2018 Professional Landscape Management School: 

When:  January 25 - 26, 2018

Where: University of Southern Indiana


  • Early Registration (postmarked on or before 1/20/2018): $60 for the first person in the company; $30 for each additional employee.
  • Late Registration (at door, or postmarked after 1/20/2018):  $75 for the first person, and $35 for each additional employee. 

Certified Arborist CEUs:  Have been requested.

Indiana Accredited Horticulturist CEUs:  Have been requested

Indiana State Chemist - Pesticide CCHs: Have been requested

Cat. 2 (Forestry):  
Cat. 3a (Ornamentals):  
Cat. 3b (Turf):  
Cat. 5 (Ponds):  
Cat. 6 (Right of Way):  
Registered Tech:  

Kentucky Pesticide CEUs:  Have been requested

1/25:  General Hours
 Specific Hours Category 

1/26:   General Hours
 Specific Hours Category 

The brochure listed below is the finalized copy.  Please print this out and take it with you to the PLMS, to save our printing costs.


To be placed on the Commercial Hort Alert email list and receive this information by email as it becomes available, please contact Larry Caplan at LCaplan@purdue.edu .