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Our New World

April 28, 2020

Who could have imagined how much the world would change since the last newsletter! Change is hard for everyone, and when it does happens, we like for it to occur slowly and in ways that we can control. It’s no wonder that we have spent weeks in shock. Yet, there are so many lessons for us all in the way the world has changed. Hopefully, you are adjusting and finding some good in these changes.

Now that we’ve had a little time to adjust and realize that in spite of our best efforts, we control so very little, I hope that you are finding ways to cope. While the 4-H program and events have changed, and more changes will occur, we are adapting and working to Make the Best Better. 4-H will continue and will be stronger for the changes.

One lesson that we’ve learned is that a newsletter every other month is not nearly frequent enough communication. Sometimes emails aren’t even fast enough! To stay on top of all the changes, it’s important that you check your email at least once a day. If you haven’t received emails from the Extension Office or 4hOnline in the last week, please check your 4hOnline profile to make sure that the email you entered is still correct. If not, you can make changes on your profile, or call the Extension office to have the changes made.


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