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The Master Gardener Course is a multi-week course covering a wide variety of home horticultural topics. Upon completion, participants donate 35 hours of educational community service to receive full Master Gardener Certification.
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Want to know what's happening in Purdue Extension, Perry County? Find our 2016 newsletters here.
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Beef prices hit their peak in spring of 2015, and have been on continual downward spiral since. Many producers are finding it difficult to make a profit with decreased calf auction prices. With poor growing conditions in South America, feed prices are expected to rise? How can beef producers withstand the double hit of lower income and higher expenses?
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4-H activities continue year-round, and members are encourged to have their Incentive Record Sheet completed at each meeting or event.
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The 2016 4-H Handbook is now available online.
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The Avian Influenza outbreak in Dubois County has brought the word "biosecurity" into our daily news. What is biosecurity? Webster's dictionary defines biosecurity as: security from exposure to harmful biological agents; also : measures taken to ensure this security. While biosecurity is generally thought of in terms of preventing animal disease outbreaks, it is broader than livestock. Even home gardeners need to be aware of biosecurity precautions they should take.
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Purdue Extension brings interactive science education to all 7th grade students in Perry County with the Science Sensation program. It encourages interest in science and science careers by bringing students to an outdoor setting and reinforces the academic lessons through real-life, hands-on experiences.

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Purdue Extension Annual Report 2015

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