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Hosted by Purdue Agriculture, Boiler Bridge is a statewide series of free, open-to-the-public events that help college-curious youth and parents learn more about all fields of study at Purdue University and showcase local Purdue Extension programs.
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Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is being offered online or in-person in Gibson County
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Want to know what's happening in Purdue Extension, Perry County? Find our 2016 newsletters here.
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Gardening activities promote a healthful lifestyle through increasing physical activity, and in the case of vegetable and herb gardens, providing nutritious produce and herbs. Individuals with physical challenges have difficulty with the bending required with traditional gardening. An elevated garden bed enables these individuals to garden without pain.
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The Master Gardener Course is a multi-week course covering a wide variety of home horticultural topics. Upon completion, participants donate 35 hours of educational community service to receive full Master Gardener Certification.
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Beef prices hit their peak in spring of 2015, and have been on continual downward spiral since. Many producers are finding it difficult to make a profit with decreased calf auction prices. With poor growing conditions in South America, feed prices are expected to rise? How can beef producers withstand the double hit of lower income and higher expenses?
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4-H activities continue year-round, and members are encourged to have their Incentive Record Sheet completed at each meeting or event.

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Purdue Extension Annual Report

Purdue Extension Annual Report 2015

What comes to mind when you think of Purdue Extension? There may be more to us than you realize. Learn all about our organization — and our most recent accomplishments in the State of Indiana and for the people who call it home — in the 2015 Purdue Extension Annual Report!

















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