Yard and Garden
Getting local and fresh food have some homeowners desiring to grow their own produce.
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Looking for the volunteer Sign-up Sheets for Master Gardener Events? Look no further! They are in this article.
Spring Flowers
While the weather is finally warming up after the long cold winter, don't get too excited about planting your flowers and vegetables. There are still plenty of chances that the weather will try to turn on us and get too cold for those young plants. Most of the plants may not be ready to be outside all day and night.
Rose Slug Leaves
Are your roses getting brown patches in them already? Don't reach for the pesticide to control Japanese Beetles as they are not to blame...yet!
Need a form for submitting Master Gardener volunteer or education hours? Need the information on how to submit hours online? Visit this article for all that information!
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If you have questions on lawns, gardens, or pests call the Help Line at 219-755-3240. Office hours Mon - Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Closed Holidays.
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