Apple Pie
Consider the symbolic apple... we associate it with love, health, and patriotism: The apple of my eye, an apple a day, and "What's more American than Apple Pie?". This fall come join the fun, celebrate the apple, and enter your favorite apple dessert in our 1st annual Apple Dessert Bake-Off at The Apple Works. Share those beloved recipes with us as we celebrate the apple!
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We'd like you to know what we can do for YOU. The Extension service is just that--a service for the community.
In Spring of 2014, the Johnson County Extension Staff have been Making a Difference. Three programming efforts we would like to highlight include: - Estate and Business Transfer Planning - Officer's Training Better Prepares Youth to Lead 4-H Club - Take Charge! Your Financial $afety is in Your Hands!
Agri-Business/Agri-tourism roundtable to be held May 8 at 9:00 am. This roundtable will be held at the Johnson County REMC Conference Room located at 750 International Drive in Franklin. This roundtable is being held to bring together those establishments involved in Agriculture and/or Ag related tourism.
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Managing Money - increasing savings and decreasing debt
Food Safety Programming for Consumers, Non Protis and Food Industry

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