Apple Pie
Consider the symbolic apple... we associate it with love, health, and patriotism: The apple of my eye, an apple a day, and "What's more American than Apple Pie?". This fall come join the fun, celebrate the apple, and enter your favorite apple dessert in our 1st annual Apple Dessert Bake-Off at The Apple Works. Share those beloved recipes with us as we celebrate the apple!
Check out Franklin Park & Rec's "Feel Great Franklin!" Guide to learn about what nutrition, fitness, and health programs are going on in your community!
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We'd like you to know what we can do for YOU. The Extension service is just that--a service for the community.
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In Spring of 2014, the Johnson County Extension Staff have been Making a Difference. Three programming efforts we would like to highlight include: - Estate and Business Transfer Planning - Officer's Training Better Prepares Youth to Lead 4-H Club - Take Charge! Your Financial $afety is in Your Hands!
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