Register to attend the Indiana Small Farm Conference today! Discounted registration ends Feb. 14. Don't miss your opportunity to learn and network with diversified, small scale farmers from around the state. Session schedule and registration here:
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Join us at the 2016 Johnson County Fair for a special RT2 celebration. We will be offering book readings, food samples, and barn tours for RT2 participants-both child and parent may attend! Register anytime during the year - the form is inside the attached brochure. We will also send you a reminder closer to the fair!
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We'd like you to know what we can do for YOU. The Extension service is just that--a service for the community.
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In Spring of 2014, the Johnson County Extension Staff have been Making a Difference. Three programming efforts we would like to highlight include: - Estate and Business Transfer Planning - Officer's Training Better Prepares Youth to Lead 4-H Club - Take Charge! Your Financial $afety is in Your Hands!
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