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Programs provide education to county's Latino population

December 19, 2014
Reyna Bracamontes of Frankfort arrived in Clinton County nearly 10 years ago. She earned her GED wit

Reyna Bracamontes of Frankfort arrived in Clinton County nearly 10 years ago. She earned her GED with the help of Purdue Extension, and now is a community heath volunteer.

Clinton County’s Latino population is 24 percent, according to U.S. Census figures.

Purdue Extension-Clinton County serves this  population by providing a variety of educational programs: nutrition education, English literacy, civics and citizenship, high school equivalency classes in Spanish, and Grassroots Community Leadership classes. Last year, Purdue Extension-Clinton County had 8,000 educational contacts with members of the Latino community.

Reyna Bracamontes of Frankfort has participated in many of those programs, including high school equivalency classes.

I’m very, very happy when I came here,” she said. “I finally got my GED. It was hard in the beginning, but they told me, ‘You can do it.’”

When Bracamontes moved to Clinton County nearly a decade ago, she wanted nutrition information for her growing family. She got that information in the form of educational resources from Purdue Extension.

Today, she’s the one educating her friends and neighbors. She is a Promotora de Salud, or community health worker for Purdue Extension. She connects Frankfort’s Latino community with relevant health information that she learned from Purdue Extension. Her volunteer efforts are an important part of Purdue Extension.

“People in the community know who Reyna is and know that she’s a resource,” says Claudia Houchen, Purdue Extension-Clinton County minority health coordinator. “Becoming part of the community is not just about living in it, and going to work, but actually volunteering and being involved. Reyna went and found the resources and now she’s a resource herself.”

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