Red maple tree with red leaves for fall. Photo by: Lenny
The calendar flipping over to October is a reminder the annual Autumn leaf color display is on its way. The perennial question is "how will the color be this year?"
Northern Watersnake (photo provided by R. Dearing)
"Ask An Expert" received questions regarding this juvenile snake found in homeowners downstairs living area. Late summer and early fall is a common time to see juvenile snakes because of dispersal.
2018 Small Farm Conference Logo
Save the date for the 2018 Indiana Small Farm Conference!
Planted tree in backyard.
Spring and Fall is prime time for improving your property with new trees. They provide many benefits which everyone can share. However, just planting a tree without some thought and planning can create a liability rather than an asset to your site.
To learn invaluable information about legal issues related to farming, attend the Purdue Extension Beginning Farmer Workshop - Central Region scheduled for Dec. 6.
FNR 550 Cover
Check out this new publication by the Forestry and Natural Resources department to further educate yourself on proper cabling and bracing for sustained life and health of trees!
Sericea lespedeza, invasive plant species
Sericea lespedeza is arguably one of the most problematic invasive species of old fields, prairies and other early successional areas managed for wildlife. Sericea lespedeza is a perennial legume native to eastern Asia that was originally promoted for erosion control, cattle forage, cover and food for wildlife.

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