How do I get my child to do chores? We hear these statements from parents all the time! One main reason children don't respond is when parents make the chores "no fun" by nagging at their children to get them done! Getting your children to get their chores done can become a battle. When parents nag, nag, nag, children will stop listening. The conflict can roar sometimes on to even a bigger battle. Some parents feel "chores" is a negative word and they should be called "tasks." Either is fine, it
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Don't forget that White County 4-H has two Garden and Floriculture Workshops coming up soon! The first workshop is scheduled for Thursday, April 16th at 6:30 p.m. at the 4-H Building in Reynolds. The second workshop will be Thursday, April 23rd at 6:30 at the 4-H Building in Reynolds. These workshops are open to all White County 4-H Youth, Parents, and Volunteers. Our Garden and Floriculture Projects Leader, Dennis Reisert, will be leading the workshops. These workshops are perfect for anyo
"Dad! My skin matches your skin." four-year-old Mitchell grabs his father's hand as they wait in line at the local supermarket. "But look, dad!" Mitchell shouts, "His skin is like chocolate milk!" The following are two tips parents can use to help children diverse community and world:
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Are you interested in learning how to keep your show pigs health? Do you want to learn more about Swine Management? Do you enjoy learning with hands-on experiences?! All Area IX 4-H Swine Project members (grades 3-12) are invited to attend this free workshop, which will be held at the Purdue University Animal Science Research Farm on April 25th.
The key to a clean house is finding a system that works for you and your schedule. What worked before you had kids may need some modifications. And empty nesters may have a busier schedule than before the days of carpools and kids sports. Cluttered Kitchen? Just say NO It's tempting to let the dishes "soak" while you relax after dinner, but you have to do them anyway so why wait. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, wash the posts and pans and wipe the counters and table after every meal. Thi
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About 40 percent of the United States food supply (1500 calories/person/day) goes uneaten. Discarded food in homes and food-service accounts for 60 percent of this total food loss and is mostly avoidable. The remaining portion is lost or wasted during food production. This amount of food waste is among the highest globally. Preventing food waste saves money and resources. Resources used to produce uneaten food include: 30 percent of fertilizer, 31 percent of cropland, 25 percent of tot

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