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November 9, 2018

Collections can be defined as the gathering of similar articles, objects, etc. Many collections can be started on the spur of a moment while others may take serious consideration before beginning. A collection can be of several different types of materials. The list below is just an example of the WIDE variety of collections you can choose from. You may choose to begin your collection from one of the suggestions below or you can use your imagination and come up with ideas of your own. Remember, collecting is a hobby, have fun and be imaginative.

As you can see from this list, collections can be about anything you choose them to be as long as you have an interest in what you are collecting.

Plates                                             Books                                                 Matchbooks                                     Hats

Dolls                                               Tins                                                   Salt & Pepper Shakers                      Pocket Knives

Cups & Saucers                                Trains                                                Bottle Caps                                      Piggy Banks

Baseball Cards                                 Bumper Stickers                                  Figurines                                         Models

Jewelry                                            Bottles                                               Marbles                                            Spoons

Napkins                                           Postcards                                            Stuffed Animals                                Coins

Bells                                                Cookie Jars                                         License Plates                                   Playing Cards

Campaign Buttons                             Paper Dolls                                         Pressed Flowers                                Coffee Mugs

Buttons                                            Post Marks                                          Miniatures                                        Arrowheads

Pop Cans                                          Sunglasses                                         Pennants                                          Pens/Pencils

Football Cards                                   Ornaments                                         Baskets                                             Key Rings


  1. Each collection must be accompanied by a project notebook. The collection must be added to each year in order to show growth in the project. Clearly label or otherwise identify collected items that were added each project year by putting tabs for each year in notebook. The notebook must contain:
  3. “Story About My Collection” giving information of interest about your collection, i.e. where to purchase cost, the history of the item, etc.
  4. Photograph of the complete collection for the current project year. (NOTE: Photographs from previous years must also be in the notebook in order to visually show growth in the project from year to year.)
  5. Members with very large or valuable collection should provide a photograph or group of small photographs of the collections or addition to your collection.
  6. Collections that will remain at the fair must be prepared for display by the member in a manner that will assure the safe keeping of the collection. It is commended that valuable objects be protected by exhibiting them in a securely covered display case, securely fastened to a display board or left at home.

Collections may be exhibited in any one of the following manners:

  1. On a poster (22” X 28”) following the St. Joseph County General Poster Requirements, found in the front of this Handbook.
  2. Neatly and attractively arranged in a box not to exceed 18” X 24” and securely covered with a clear glass or rigid plastic.
  3. Securely fastened on a display board not to exceed 22” X 28” and covered with clear plastic for protection.
  4. Your completed project notebook must be turned in with your exhibit. Your notebook must include:
    1. “Story About My Collection”
    2. A record sheet listing your collection
    3. A completed record sheet (indicating your name, club, division and several questions regarding your project)
    4. Photographs (or photocopies) of previous years collection.
    5. NOTE: ONLY First year in Collections, may or may not have photographs (or photocopies) of their First-Year collection.
  5. For large or valuable collections; photographs of very large or valuable items arranged attractively in either a notebook or on a poster will be accepted. You will not be judged lower for doing this.
  6. You must have your name and club name on each piece you wish to leave for exhibit.

 For exhibit divisions, see handbook.


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