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4-H Enrollment Now Open! Join 4-H and Make the Best Better!

October 22, 2020
4-H Enrollment

Online enrollment for 2020-21 4-H began October 5, 2020. Go to https://v2.4honline.com/ to register for 4-H or Mini 4-H (Grades K-2). There is a state 4-H fee of $15 per 4-H member. Mini 4-H is free.

Please see below for the New -4-H online 2.0 Version Enrollment Guide

Enrollment is not considered complete until all membership fees have been paid. For hardship circumstances, please contact the 4-H Youth Educator at


 Cancellation Policy: It is the policy of the Posey County 4-H Program that if school is cancelled or released early from the regular school day due to weather, all 4-H activities and events for that day are also cancelled. No school= No 4-H programs!

 Posey County 4-H Fair - July 17-24, 2021.  

Donate to the Posey County 4-H Youth Development Program-see link below.


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