Habitat Management for Wildlife

As the owners of more than 90% of the land in Indiana, private landowners have the ability to positively influence wildlife populations through habitat management (i.e., the manipulation of food, water, cover, and space). Many landowners are interested in improving habitat for wildlife for a variety of reasons, including better wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities.

Wildlife habitat management can be conducted in grasslands, forests, wetlands, and agricultural landscapes that occur across Indiana. Selecting the best habitat management tools will depend on the wildlife species of interest and the landscape being managed (e.g., forest vs. grassland). Understanding a wildlife species’ habitat requirements, your property objectives, and the current habitat condition on your property, are essential to choosing the correct habitat management tools. Careful planning can ensure the habitat management tools chosen match your wildlife objectives and result in the highest quality habitat.

To better understand and manage wildlife habitat on your property, this website provides detailed information on the following topics: