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Effective May 27, 2015, the Indiana Board of Animal Health has halted all bird movements in Indiana that allow commingling of birds from different locations. This includes 4-H livestock shows, exhibitions, public sales, blood testing, etc. We will have additional information for our 4-H poultry exhibitors soon, so please check back frequently.
Pike County 4-H Fair
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The 2015 Pike County 4-H Fair is set for the week of July 12! Our 4-H Council, club leaders, and volunteers are busy making plans, so please check back often for updates!
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Access the latest Pike CES newsletters here!
4-H Group Meeting
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Check back often for upcoming club meetings and county workshops!
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Check here for information on livestock open shows and workshops!
4-H Hands to Larger Service
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The updated 2015 4-H & Future 4-H rules are now available! Click here to download all the pertinent documents you need for 4-H.
Have you always wanted to learn how to preserve your own, home grown food, but would like to try it first before investing in materials? Or maybe you've been preserving for years, but would like to know you are doing it safely. Join us for the 2015 food preservation series!

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