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January 9, 2020


Newton County Manual. Complete Record Sheet and manual and turn in with project (Record Sheet included in manual) KEEP MANUAL AND RECORD SHEET WITH PROJECT FOR JUDGING.

  1. The 4-Her may choose any type of article they desire, except alcoholic beverage items, tobacco and tobacco-like products, electronic smoking devices or obscene materials.
  2. Project manuals are to be displayed with your collection at the county fair for judging.
  3. Because of space and display restrictions, no living plants or animals may be displayed as a collection.
  4. Your story and record of your collections will be considered and judged as an important part of your Collections exhibit. Show pride in your project – be neat and consistent.
  5. In all divisions, if the collection is too large or valuable to exhibit, a notebook containing photos and descriptions of your collection can be exhibited with, or in place of, your collection. Photo quality will not be judged, but they should be clear, sharp photos. All photos should be neatly arranged, labeled and mounted in a notebook with the completed record sheet.



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