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Act Now to Protect Against Increased Cyber Risks

Imago with logos for OIT (Indianda Office of Thecnology) ISP (Indiana State Police) and IDHS (Indiana Department of Homeland Security)
Indiana Department of Homeland Security

NOTE: Although we usually focus on disasters or emergency situations likely to occur in rural Indiana, sometimes events on the other side of the world can potentially affect our lives in ways we don’t expect. This news release from the State of Indiana highlights the potential cybersecurity threats resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While the release is primarily aimed at local governments, any business, organization, or individual could possibly be impacted.

In light of the Russian military attack on Ukraine, the global threat of cybersecurity risks also are on the rise, both on the international and local level. The military action already has been accompanied by cyber attacks on the Ukrainian government and critical infrastructure organizations.

While there are no specific or credible cyber threats to the U.S. homeland at this time, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is warning organizations of the potential for Russia’s destabilizing actions to impact organizations both within and beyond the region, particularly in the wake of sanctions imposed by the United States and its Allies. Every organization—large and small—must be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber activity.

Imga with logo for cisa (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)CISA has launched a new Shields Up site to provide the latest guidance and information to help organizations increase their resilience to cyber attacks and protect people and property. This robust catalog of free resources will be especially helpful today, as the cybersecurity threats facing the world have increased exponentially.

Together with our partners at CISA, the State of Indiana urges organizations to maintain a heightened sense of awareness and vigilance in preserving and protecting their critical systems/infrastructure.

To report a cyberattack or a cyber-related incident, please be sure to call the State of Indiana Emergency Operations Center (EOC) watch desk at (317) 238-1751. For additional information on reporting an incident, visit the Indiana Cyber Hub.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please notify the appropriate agency.  


Tracy Barnes – Chief Information Officer, Indiana Office of Technology
Stephen Cox – Executive Director, Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Captain Bryan Harper – Commander, Office of Intelligence and Investigative Technology and Director, Indiana.
Intelligence Fusion Center, Indiana State Police.
Chetrice Mosley-Romero, State of Indiana Cybersecurity Program Director.

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