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National Weather Service Update on Winter Weather Initiatives

Source: National Weather Service Winter Weather Program. Program recorded October 26, 2021.

The National Weather Service Winter Weather Program staff highlighted updates to initiatives and watch/warning efforts in regards to winter weather issues during this webinar.

This year’s webinar covered many topics, including updates to the Probabilistic Snow pages and graphics, future Impact-Based Warning tags for snow squalls, updates on an Avalanche Weather Initiative, the Winter Storm Severity Index, the experimental Winter Storm Outlook, and some regional experiments such as the Days  3-7 Winter Storm Threat and Lake Effect Snow Warning Polygon projects. The briefing also summarized the overall vision of the Winter Weather Program and the latest safety and outreach materials.

  • Winter Program and Vision Overview
  • Winter Key Messages
  • Updated Local ProbSnow Pages/Graphics
  • Eastern United States Projects
  • Days 3-7 Winter Storm Threat Product
  • Lake-Effect Snow Warning Polygons
  • Impact-Based Warning tags for snow squalls
  • Updates on Avalanche Weather Initiative
  • Experimental Winter Storm Outlook
  • Winter Storm Severity Index
  • Updated Outreach Materials and Initiatives
  • Detailed Winter Program Vision



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