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National Preparedness Month: Prepare for Disasters

Source: FEMA


September is National Preparedness Month. Each week, National Preparedness Month will highlight easy-to-follow steps that your family can take to improve preparedness at home. This week, the theme is “Prepare for Disasters.“

To properly prepare for disasters, know the common disasters for your location and then mitigate the risk. For example, did you know the Midwest and the Southeast have a greater risk for tornadoes? Meteorologists can often predict when conditions might be favorable for a tornado and are investigating new approaches to keep you safe.

  • Pay close attention to weather reports when severe weather is forecasted. If your community has sirens, become familiar with the warning tone. Learn the signs of severe weather including a tornado, hail and other risks and know where you and your family will go to keep safe.

Public service announcements (PSA) made for television and radio are now available to download from the Ad Council website. These PSA help to spread awareness and prepare everyone for disasters.

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