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Purdue Ag. Safety and INPREP editorials and articles about COVID-19 and impacts on agriculture and farm families

Farm families and agricultural workers (along with the rest of society) face unprecedented challenges during this unusual time. Issues such as coordinating e-learning and child care while trying to manage a busy planting season, concerns about COVID-19 striking employees or farm family members, and obtaining needed personal protective equipment are all topics that may not have been considered before but are at the forefront of our attention now. Tossing in a late freeze that damaged crops throughout the Midwest, a severely disrupted food and agricultural supply chain, and market uncertainty has left farm families in what seems to be the perfect storm.

To help address these concerns, the Purdue Agricultural Safety and Health Program and the Indiana PREPared staff have developed several educational articles and editorials about COVID-19 and its impacts on agriculture. These articles cover a variety of specific topics applicable to the current situation. All are available for download at the links below. Check back often as new articles and editorials are being added regularly.

Article 1) COVID-19 and its Impact on Production Agriculture

Article 2) Responding to COVID-19 in the Agricultural Community

Article 3)  Safety for Farm Children During COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders

Article 4) It’s Time to Plant – With or Without COVID-19

Article 5) Be Careful When Employing Youth to Do Farm Work This Spring – Know the Laws

Article 6) Respiratory Protection & PPE for Agricultural Workers during COVID-19 – REVISED JUNE 15, 2020***

Article 7)  What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Article 8)  Sharing a (Tractor) Cab Has Become More Complicated – REVISED JUNE 29, 2020***

Article 9)  A Time to Heal

Article 10)  Obtaining PPE for Agricultural Work during COVID-19

Article 11) Gasoline and COVID-19

Article 12) If you got time to lean…

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