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Webinar: Addressing Challenges from Packing Plant Closures

***The entire webinar was recorded and can be found at the link (with password-all lowercase) below.
Password:  ilovepigs

Purdue in collaboration with IN BOAH and IN Pork is hosting a webinar on Wednesday to discuss the impacts to the swine industry from packing plant closures.  The program will be held over ZOOM at NOON on Wednesday 4/29/2020.  

Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Brian Richert (Purdue) – Nutritional mitigation to slow growth
Dr. Maria Cooper (BOAH) – Euthanasia and carcass disposal
Dr. Kara Stewart (Purdue) – Considerations for abortions
Jeanette Moore (IN Pork) – Messaging and media

Register Here:

Click here for a printable flyer.

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