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Instructions to Help Collect Foliar Corn Disease Samples in Indiana

We are tracking the movement of both southern corn rust and tar spot in Indiana. In order for an official designation of the disease in a county – myself or the Purdue Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab (PPDL) needs a physical sample. Therefore, we are asking your help to track the movement of both diseases.
Ideally, the PPDL would like to receive fresh samples as soon as possible, but I know at this time of the year you may be scouting various field and on the road long hours. Therefore, to encourage you to send samples for both southern corn rust and tar spot we have given some pointers at the link below on how you can collect corn leaf samples and ship them weekly. We do not want them to sit over the weekend so it is suggest you ship samples Monday through Wednesday.

Download quick guide to help us collect field crop disease samples
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