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Every year the Whitley County 4-H Program has various awards available for anyone to nominate a 4-H volunteer that has gone above and beyond in helping within the Whitley County 4-H Program. Listed below is a description of each of these awards and an application to submit.



This is a special award presented to a person who has given to the 4-H program above and beyond normal expectations.  This leadership should be awarded to a tenured person, one who has given many years of leadership service to the 4-H program.  It is not an award given each year, but one that the committee may choose to award.

 4-H Distinguished Service Award Application


4-H CLOVER AWARD                Due May 1st

This award is presented to an individual who has given selflessly of their talents, time and service to the 4-H program as a volunteer or friend.

 4-H Clover Award Application



 If you have any questions please contact the Extension Office at (260) 244-7615 or (260) 625-3313

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